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Cliff Jumping in Maine


Cliff Jumping Locations:
Cliff Jumping is a popular sport. Cliff Jumping Adventures posts locations from various sources that are or have at one time been popular. There are likely many different places to cliff jump within a certain area. Cliff Jumping Adventures does not verify the legal status of the locations posted throughout the website because the laws for each area can change quickly. It is the responsibility of the cliff jumper to verify the legal status of the cliff jumping area.



Cliff Jumping Safety:
Cliff Jumping Adventures should be used as a general guide to find suitable locations for cliff jumping. We are not responsible for anything relating to your cliff jumping experience. This includes injuries and/or legal issues. We simply provide a general guide to cliff jumping locations. The areas listed throughout the website currently or have at one time contained a location which matched the requirements for cliff jumping. Requirements include being deep enough, a platform from which to cliff jump, etc.

WARNING: Cliff jumping can be dangerous. The locations listed for cliff jumping may not be eligible year round as water levels can recede and areas can change over time. It is extremely important that every cliff jumper always prepares and surveys the area before attempting a cliff jump. Never jump without knowing how deep it is, how deep you need it to be based upon your weight/the cliff height and whether or not there is debris under the water. Please follow cliff jumping safety rules.

Be aware that many cliff jumpers have either died or altered their lives due to injuries. This includes injuries from low heights. It is never recommended that anyone attempt jumping from heights of 40 feet or more.


The locations listed below are popular locations for cliff jumping in Maine.


Acadia National Park
City/County, State:
Bar Harbor, Maine
Baxter State Park Millinocket, Maine
Coos Canyon Byron, Maine
Echo Lake Fayette, Maine
Frenchman’s Hole Bethel, Maine
Long Pond Greenville, Maine
Moosehead Lake Northwest Piscataquis, Maine
Mount Kineo Northwest Piscataquis, Maine
Saco River Fryeburg, Maine
Sebago Lake Cumberland County, Maine
Small Falls Madrid, Maine
Sullivan Quarry Sullivan, Maine
South Branch Pond Millinocket, Maine


Acadia National Park is located along the Atlantic Coast in Maine. The park is in Hancock and Knox Counties with the nearest city being Bar Harbor, Maine. The park is over 47,000 acres which includes lakes, mountains, forest and shoreline. Approximately 2 million people visit this park every year.

Baxter State Park is located in Piscataquis County in north-central Maine. The nearest city is Millinocket. The park is a large wilderness area. It includes numerous lakes, rivers and streams, waterfalls and Mount Katahdin (the state’s highest peak). There are multiple lakes throughout the region for cliff jumping. The park was donated by Govenor Percival P. Baxter who wanted to keep the park “forever wild”. So, be prepared and aware that you many come across animals such as moose, black bear, white tailed deer, beavers, raccoons, bobcats, coyotes, red foxes and much more. 63,000 visitors to the park were recorded in 2008.

Coos Canyon is located in Byron, Maine. Coos Canyon is a gorge carved through bedrock by the Swift River. This area is a great place for hiking, fishing, cliff jumping, skiing, atving and snowmobile, gold-panning and sight seeing.

Echo Lake is located in Kents Hill, Maine about 15 miles from Augusta. The lake is a great place for recreational activities such as swimming, cliff jumping, fishing, kayaking and much more.

Frenchman’s Hole is a secluded basin created by the Sunday River coming off the mountain as a waterfall into a very deep pool of crysal clear water. The area is now under the control of the Maine Public Reserve Land Program which means that you need to erase all traces of your presence with you as you leave by following proper etiquette.

Long Pond is located enar Greenville, Maine within a 37,000 acrea forest filled with rivers, ponds, lakes and mountains. The area is great for camping, swimming, cliff jumping, fishing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, cross country skiing and more.

Moosehead Lake is located near Greenville, Maine.

Mount Kineo is located near Greenville, Maine on a small peninsula in the middle of Moosehead Lake. In addition to roads and trails, you can also take the Rockwood Ferry.

Saco River is located in Southwestern Maine and Northeastern New Hampshire. It travels 136 miles and empties at Saco Bay into the Atlantic Ocean. The Saco River is a popular for recreational activities and draws as many as 7,000 people per weekend during the summer months. Canoeing is very popular along the river and there are various rental shops for canoes and kayaks.

Sebago Lake is located in Cumberland County, Maine and bordered by the following cities: Casco, Naples, Raymond, Sebago, Standish and Windham. Sabago Lake is the deepest lake in the United States by reaching 316 feet at its deepest point. The lake is also the second largest with a length of 12 miles with 105 miles of shoreline.

Small Falls is located in Franklin County in Township E, Maine. The scenic waterfall drops a total of 54 feet among four sets of falls along the Sandy River. This is a great area for swimming with a 20 foot wide circular pool at the bottom of the falls.

South Branch Pond is located in a remote area of Baxter State Park. The water is 40+ feet deep. This area is tricky as it appears to be difficult to find a tall rock adjoining deep water.



Cliff Jumping Adventures does not verify the legal status of locations posted for cliff jumping. We ask that cliff jumpers independently research each location for legality before going. Areas can change over time and local authorities find it necessary to shut down locations due to dangerous conditions. Reasons for closing cliff jumping locations include high accident rates, dangerous underwater rocks, inadequate water depth, water depth that fluctuates, property ownership status, etc.

Research the legal status of every location for cliff jumping before attempting any cliff jump. Never trespass on private property and don't risk jumping at a location that you know to be illegal. You may be ticketed, face legal consequences and put yourself in danger.

We are not responsible for injuries, legal issues or anything else related to your cliff jumping experience.

Cliff Jumping Adventures was created so that others can enjoy the sport of cliff jumping with a fun and safe experience. Follow all safety precautions, verify legal status of the cliff jumping location and enjoy your cliff jumping adventure!


Cliff Jumping in Maine at Baxter State Park


Cliff Jumping in Maine at Sullivan Quarry


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Cliff Jumping Adventures tries to keep the information regarding cliff jumping as current as possible. The information found on Cliff Jumping Adventures is not guaranteed to be accurate as cliff jumping locations change due to water level, legal status, etc. Please use this website only as a guide to your cliff jumping adventure and verify legality plus all additional information independently.