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Cliff Jumping in Oklahoma


Cliff Jumping Locations:
Cliff Jumping is a popular sport. Cliff Jumping Adventures posts locations from various sources that are or have at one time been popular. There are likely many different places to cliff jump within a certain area. Cliff Jumping Adventures does not verify the legal status of the locations posted throughout the website because the laws for each area can change quickly. It is the responsibility of the cliff jumper to verify the legal status of the cliff jumping area.



Cliff Jumping Safety:
Cliff Jumping Adventures should be used as a general guide to find suitable locations for cliff jumping. We are not responsible for anything relating to your cliff jumping experience. This includes injuries and/or legal issues. We simply provide a general guide to cliff jumping locations. The areas listed throughout the website currently or have at one time contained a location which matched the requirements for cliff jumping. Requirements include being deep enough, a platform from which to cliff jump, etc.

WARNING: Cliff jumping can be dangerous. The locations listed for cliff jumping may not be eligible year round as water levels can recede and areas can change over time. It is extremely important that every cliff jumper always prepares and surveys the area before attempting a cliff jump. Never jump without knowing how deep it is, how deep you need it to be based upon your weight/the cliff height and whether or not there is debris under the water. Please follow cliff jumping safety rules.

Be aware that many cliff jumpers have either died or altered their lives due to injuries. This includes injuries from low heights. It is never recommended that anyone attempt jumping from heights of 40 feet or more.


The locations listed below are popular locations for cliff jumping in Oklahoma.


Broken Bow Lake
City/County, State:
Eufaula, Oklahoma
Eufaula Lake Tulsa, Oklahoma
Lake Skiatook Crookson, Oklahoma
Lake Tenkiller McCurtain County, Oklahoma


Broken Bow Lake is located in southeastern Oklahoma in McCurtain County. The lake is a reservoir which stretches 22 miles and is located on the Mountain Fork River. Broken Bow Lake is nine miles northeast of the town of Broken Bow. The lake is a popular tourist destination and caters to many recreational activities.

Eufaula Lake is a reservoir located on the Canadian River in McIntosh, Pittsburg, Haskell and Okmulgee Counties in Oklahoma. Eufaula Lake is the largest capacity lake in the state of Oklahoma and covers a surface area of 102,000 acres. Recreational activities at Eufaula Lake include boating, camping, cliff jumping, fishing, golfing, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, swimming, water skiing, wakeboarding and more.

Lake Skiatook is located 4 miles west of the town of Shiatook in Osage County Oklahoma. Shiatook Lake has a flat surface area of about 10,190 acreas which ranks the lake as the 15th largest in Oklahoma. Popular recreational activities include boating, camping, cliff jumping, fishing (sport fishing is very popular), hiking, hunting and swimming.

Lake Tenkiller, aka Tenkiller Ferry Lake, is a reservoir located in eastern Oklahoma. Lake Tenkiller was formed when the United States Army Corps of Engineers constructed a dam on the Illinois River. Lake Tenkiller has a shoreline of 130 miles and covers 12,900 acres. Recreational activities at Lake Tenkiller include boating, camping, cliff jumping, fishing, golfing, hiking, hunting, scuba diving, swimming and various water sports.



Cliff Jumping Adventures does not verify the legal status of locations posted for cliff jumping. We ask that cliff jumpers independently research each location for legality before going. Areas can change over time and local authorities find it necessary to shut down locations due to dangerous conditions. Reasons for closing cliff jumping locations include high accident rates, dangerous underwater rocks, inadequate water depth, water depth that fluctuates, property ownership status, etc.

Research the legal status of every location for cliff jumping before attempting any cliff jump. Never trespass on private property and don't risk jumping at a location that you know to be illegal. You may be ticketed, face legal consequences and put yourself in danger.

We are not responsible for injuries, legal issues or anything else related to your cliff jumping experience.

Cliff Jumping Adventures was created so that others can enjoy the sport of cliff jumping with a fun and safe experience. Follow all safety precautions, verify legal status of the cliff jumping location and enjoy your cliff jumping adventure!


Cliff Jumping in Tulsa, Oklahoma


Cliff Jumping in Oklahoma at Lake Tenkiller near Crookson


Cliff Jumping in Oklahoma at Broken Bow Lake


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Cliff Jumping Adventures tries to keep the information regarding cliff jumping as current as possible. The information found on Cliff Jumping Adventures is not guaranteed to be accurate as cliff jumping locations change due to water level, legal status, etc. Please use this website only as a guide to your cliff jumping adventure and verify legality plus all additional information independently.